UKRAGRO works closely with SGS Laboratories. These laboratories are recognized as a world reference for the quality of its services in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

SGS offers unrivaled experience and expertise in the sector of agriculture and an exclusive global network.

The main services provided by SGS Laboratories can be divided into four categories:
Inspection: As world leaders, they offer a broad portfolio of services, such as checking the condition and weight of the goods sold at the time of transport, seeking to control the quantity and quality of goods and complying with all regulatory requirements in different regions and markets
Analysis: through the help of skilled and experienced professionals, the analyzes conducted in these laboratories contribute to risk reduction, streamlining of business processes and mainly for testing the quality, safety and performance of products in accordance with the regulations on health and safety
Verificationwhile leaders in checking, they offer unprecedented levels of precision, highly experienced specialists, the most advanced methods of analysis and global reach. This means they can help to ensure that products, services and processes of a company/organization follow the latest national and international standards.
Certification: they certify that the products, processes, management systems and a services are in accordance with national and international regulations or with the standards demanded by the customers.


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